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Clean Weight Loss Program

Clean Weight Loss Program for Better Living & Healthy Balance

There’s a lot of crud on the market today, so I’m pleased to share this clean weight loss program with you. I’ve been using many of these Nikken products for the past 5 years, but now there’s a whole program available so I can help you get the results you want.

This is not a ‘temporary’ weight loss program. This is an every day organic program to help you reach your goals and maintain them. Continue reading Clean Weight Loss Program

High Vibration Affirmations

From time to time, we can get into a funk because well– we’re humans. I find it really helpful to focus on the positive to help bring myself back up. Here are some high vibration affirmations to help you get back into a groove that works for you. I’ve laid them out following the 5 Pillars of Health philosophy because I love it so much: Body, Mind, Family, Finances, Society.

As Abraham-Hicks suggests, I’ll go from General to more Specific. By moving from General to Specific, we can Continue reading High Vibration Affirmations

Best Nikken Products for Natural Health and Energy

Since 2012, I’ve been a Nikken Consultant, and during that time, I have served over a thousand wonderful customers with the best Nikken products. Many people have emailed me to share their experiences. I have listened to other Consultants share their experiences, also, and I have had my own positive product experiences.  Continue reading Best Nikken Products for Natural Health and Energy