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Naturally Increase Energy | Top 6 Ways

Before reaching for a toxic energy drink, read below for the Top 6 Ways to Naturally Increase Energy. It’s easier than you may think to have more energy throughout the day and better rest at night.

naturally increase energy
Naturally increase energy by following a few simple tips below.

Naturally Increase Energy

Some of these ideas may seem strange to you, but they’re tried and tested. Coming from someone who has energy throughout the day AND sleeps really well almost every single night, I can attest to these methods being helpful. Continue reading Naturally Increase Energy | Top 6 Ways

Nadine Staaf Saturday AM Radio Live with Vance Rogers

This morning I had the pleasure of being interviewed by my fellow Nikken Consultant, Vance Rogers, who I met on the Nikken Team Kaizen trip to Mexico, last week.

While we were in Mexico, Vance had so many inspiring stories to share, so I was really excited to be asked to be Continue reading Nadine Staaf Saturday AM Radio Live with Vance Rogers

High Vibration Affirmations

From time to time, we can get into a funk because well– we’re humans. I find it really helpful to focus on the positive to help bring myself back up. Here are some high vibration affirmations to help you get back into a groove that works for you. I’ve laid them out following the 5 Pillars of Health philosophy because I love it so much: Body, Mind, Family, Finances, Society.

As Abraham-Hicks suggests, I’ll go from General to more Specific. By moving from General to Specific, we can Continue reading High Vibration Affirmations