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Naturally Increase Energy | Top 6 Ways

Before reaching for a toxic energy drink, read below for the Top 6 Ways to Naturally Increase Energy. It’s easier than you may think to have more energy throughout the day and better rest at night.

naturally increase energy
Naturally increase energy by following a few simple tips below.

Naturally Increase Energy

Some of these ideas may seem strange to you, but they’re tried and tested. Coming from someone who has energy throughout the day AND sleeps really well almost every single night, I can attest to these methods being helpful. Continue reading Naturally Increase Energy | Top 6 Ways

My Nikken Team Kaizen Trip Experience

Friends! I am so excited to share with you my Nikken Team Kaizen trip experience. I’m going to update this page with pictures while I’m on the journey so you can join in the adventure with me!

Charlottetown to Montreal

This part isn’t super glamorous: I woke up at 3:30 this morning so that I could be picked up by a cab at 4:45 and make the 6am flight from Charlottetown. That’s the reality of flying out of the wee Charlottetown airport– there aren’t too many flights to choose from.

I love being in the Montreal airport (for a few hours layover). It’s fun to speak French again and hear it being spoken. I asked for coffee in the official Montreal language and the barista even knew what I was saying. It’s rainy here, but I won’t be in Montreal for very long.

The next flight will bring me to Toronto where I will sit for a lovely lunch with my beautiful friend Continue reading My Nikken Team Kaizen Trip Experience

Best Nikken Products for Natural Health and Energy

Since 2012, I’ve been a Nikken Consultant, and during that time, I have served over a thousand wonderful customers with the best Nikken products. Many people have emailed me to share their experiences. I have listened to other Consultants share their experiences, also, and I have had my own positive product experiences.  Continue reading Best Nikken Products for Natural Health and Energy