Small Nikken Magnets | Nikken Kenko PowerMini

Nikken PowerMini magnets are some of the small Nikken magnets that we use most often in our home. We almost always have at least two of them stuck to our bodies with the KenkoTherm DUK Tape.

Small Nikken Magnets for Tension & Discomfort

Nikken PowerMini magnets are the first thing I reach for when I’m experiencing tension in my muscles or discomfort in almost any area of my body. I can now say that my husband does the same thing (he’s seen his own positive results and prefers magnets to taking pills).

Nikken PowerMini magnets are an inexpensive health magnet option that will serve you and your family well.

small nikken magnets sticker tape duk
Nikken DUK Tape is ideal for sticking the small Nikken magnets to the body.

Small Nikken Magnets for Prevention

Ibuprofen used to be my go-to, even though I didn’t like taking pain medication. I didn’t really know what else I could do until I was introduced to Nikken magnets.

small nikken magnets nikken kenko powermini
Small Nikken magnets, Nikken Kenko PowerMini magnets are a small investment and have mighty power!

The Nikken PowerMini magnets are now a part of my wellness routine. I make sure to stick them to my upper back muscle, in the areas where I normally notice tension.

If I stick them on in the morning, then I have far far less discomfort (often no discomfort) during the day and evening, even when I’m on the computer a lot.

25% off PowerMini Magnets

To order Nikken PowerMini magnets with a 25% discount, you just need to order it as an Autoship order. You can choose how often you receive your cream, and you don’t need to order longer than you want to.

Autoship Ordering Information: Nikken Autoship

How Long Do Nikken Magnets Last?

The small Nikken magnets (PowerMini magnets) can be used over and over again and they are permanent magnets, so as long as you don’t lose them, they should last you for years to come. They are an incredible investment for just a few dollars.

When you run out of the little stickers that come with the magnets, then a good investment is the Nikken DUK Tape. This allows for greater wellness of the area you’re looking to improve. Here’s info on the Nikken DUK Tape: Nikken DUK Tape

What Can You Use Nikken Magnets For?

There are so many uses for the magnets, but of course putting them on the areas that have a tendency to become sore is their main use (prevention is always best when health is concerned). Here are some ideas for uses:

  • Some people follow acupuncture/ acupressure guides and place the Nikken PowerMini magnets on the pressure points that the guides suggest– use your intuition and judgement on this.
  • Knowing the source of the discomfort is helpful. For example, if I have the beginning of a headache, it’s usually a result of upper back tension (I can feel the tension in my shoulder blade area). Knowing this helps me because I don’t necessarily stick magnets to my head– I stick them to my upper back and it’s a tremendous help.
  • If your body is healing from a sports injury or bone fracture or a part of you is in repair, then it’s your call, but I would personally be putting magnets on it.

*With anything, it’s your body– always read instructions. If a product has a warning, Nikken has it in their information. For example, if you are on blood thinning medication, it’s not necessarily a good idea to use magnets. Read the information on each product in the “Shop Now” tab of my Nikken Consultant Website

Ask Questions

If you ever have questions, you’re always welcome to send me an email.

Wishing you and all your body parts much wellness!


Nadine Staaf
Nikken Consultant