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In 2012 was the first time I changed my filter and I wish that I would have had PiMag Waterfall filter instructions to help answer some of my questions. Below are PiMag Waterfall filter instructions to help you with soaking your new or replacement filter. Also, read further on this page for answers to questions about the filter, including replacement times and more.

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pimag waterfall filter instructions nikken
PiMag Waterfall filter instructions. Share this helpful article with your Nikken customers and consultants!

The New PiMag Waterfall Filter

A beautiful thing indeed 🙂

Step One: Remove the plastic covering the PiMag Waterfall filter. Did you know that the whole Waterfall filter is biodegradable, so it’s good for the environment and good for you!

pimag waterfall filter instructions nikken
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Step Two: Pull the gray cover upward to remove the cover from the filter. You’re not breaking it, don’t worry 🙂 When you pull the lid off, you will reveal the white prefilter. This is the filter that removes the first signs of impurities in your water.

pimag waterfall filter instructions lid

Step Three: Gently remove the white prefilters with your fingers. I say gently because you want to make sure that you don’t poke a hole in the white mesh material that’s just below the white prefilters. I’ve never done that, but I imagine that it’s possible for someone with long or pointy fingernails.

pimag waterfall filter instructions parts

Step Four: Fill a container to almost-full so that when you place the filter into the container, the water won’t overflow. You’ll want the container to be tall enough to go almost all the way to the top of the Waterfall filter.

I’ve used all kinds of containers for this. A large pot works well. If you’re going to use the sink, please ensure that you have washed and rinsed the sink very well before putting your filter into it. You wouldn’t want your filter picking up any germs or soap residue from the sink.

What I’m currently using to soak my filter is the inside of a lunch kit (the container part that comes out– it just happens to be the perfect size!)

You just put your filter and white pre-filters into the water (dunk them down so that they soak) and then let them sit in there overnight. *When you first put the filter into the water, it will absorb some of it, so just top the water up before you go to sleep 🙂

pimag waterfall filter instructions soaking

Step Five: The next day, whenever you have the opportunity, take the filter and the white pre-filters out of the water and put the whole thing back together– first put the 4 little white pieces into their holes and then put the big white oval-shaped prefilter over top (just like it looked in the first picture at the top).

Tip: do all of this gently. When it comes to my Nikken products, I want them lasting a long time, so I always recommend doing things gently.

Things You May Wonder | PiMag Waterfall Filter Instructions

I figure you must wonder some of the same things that I wondered, so here are some answers to help you:

How often to replace the PiMag Waterfall filter?

To have safe and clean drinking water, you need to make sure you change out the Waterfall filter once every 3 months. It’s really important for you and your family’s health to make sure to replace the filter at this time.

I used to wait longer than 3 months and I would always end up noticing a decline in my family’s health by waiting longer to replace the filter– so be sure to mark it in your calendar (or email me and ask me to send you a reminder email when it’s time for you to change your filter).

Is the water supposed to taste funny?

Every time you replace your filter, it takes a bit of time for the filter to adjust to your water, so yes– the taste will be a little off, but not for too long. I changed our filter yesterday.

Today, the water still tastes a bit odd. By tomorrow, it will taste a lot better and then it will taste magnificent all the way until it’s time to change the filter again. I notice by the end of month 3, I can begin to taste impurities and sure enough– it’s time to change the filter.

I hope these PiMag Waterfall filter instructions have helped you. If you would like to purchase your next Nikken filters directly from Nikken, please feel welcome to do so on my official Nikken website: How to Order Nikken Products

Where Can I buy another Nikken Waterfall?

Learn more about this beautiful Nikken PiMag Waterfall and purchase one for your favorite family member or friend: Best Nikken Water System

Everyone needs more wellness.

As always, you’re welcome to email me anytime, if you have any questions about the Nikken products or need replacement filters.

Wishing you much wellness,


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