Nikken Weight Pack Cost & Buying Options

The Nikken weight pack is already showing incredible success. So many people are talking about their weight loss and health benefits, and it’s only just begun!

*Best to read through this whole page because you can save money on your Nikken Weight Management Pack by ordering in a certain way.

nikken weight pack cost
Nikken Weight Pack cost and buying options information.

Nikken Weight Pack Options

There are two options with the Weight Management Pack:

  1. 30-day supply
  2. 90-day supply

Ways to Order

There are different ways to order the packs:

  • As a Customer at full retail price
  • As a Customer on Autoship (10% off)*Best option for most people
  • As a Consultant at Wholesale price (20% off)
  • As a Consultant on Autoship (about 30% off)

Cost to Become a Consultant

Cost to become a Consultant for the year is $99 +tax. To remain a Consultant after 12 months is $79+tax per year.

If all you did was order weight management packs as a Consultant on Wholesale Autoship, then the cost of becoming a Consultant would basically pay for itself.

Please Note: To be a Consultant, you need to follow all the Nikken Policies & Procedures, and these procedures are fairly extensive. So, if you’re interested in solely consuming product, then it’s actually wisest to be a ‘Customer on Autoship’ and just get the 10% discount.

If you’re interested in sharing the Nikken Weight Pack with other people, then you can earn a commission by being a Nikken Consultant when people buy their products through you.

The Nikken Consultant opportunity has been my choice since 2012 and I’m sure glad I kept with it!

30-Day Supply

With the 30-day pack, when you order it on Autoship, you’ll get 10% off each order, but you will pay for shipping on each of the 3 orders (once per month). In the States, that would be about $10 each month in shipping. In Canada, that would be about $18 each month in shipping.

90-Day Supply

My recommendation would be to purchase the 90-day pack on Autoship and set your shipping preference to “quarterly”. This way, you’ll only pay for shipping one time for 3 months worth of product.

Actually, it’s possible that Nikken still has their ‘free shipping’ offer happening on the 90-day supply. That would be even better!

You can cancel an Autoship order anytime you want. So, if you decided that you were done with the program after your first 90-day order, then you wouldn’t need to continue with your next orders. Although, it’s a great every day program for wellness, so it’s worth continuing with.


Learn about Nikken Autoship information: Nikken Autoship

Buy Nikken Weight Pack on Autoship

To buy on Autoship, you just need to first register as a Nikken customer (free). You’ll get a Customer ID that you can use to login and order by autoship. Register as a Customer today by choosing the Customer option: Become a Nikken Customer

Buying NOT on Autoship

If you just want to order at regular retail price (not on Autoship), then you can order directly from Nikken’s warehouse:

Buy in USA: Nikken Weight Management Pack- US
Buy in Canada: Nikken Weight Management Pack- Canada

*Please note that all Canadian orders leave the Nikken warehouse each Friday. So, if you order on Tuesday, for example, your order will leave the warehouse that Friday.


As always, I am happy to be your Nikken Consultant and answer your questions. Feel free to email me anytime.

To your wellness!

Nikken Consultant, since 2012