Nikken Testimonials and Product Reviews

Nikken Testimonials

Please note that I have access to hundreds of Nikken testimonials that are not listed below, but you are welcome to email me your questions . I cannot make medical claims of the products “curing” any certain illness, but I know a lot of people who have benefited in big ways.

Your Nikken testimonials are important! Please email me with your stories, if you would like me to share them on this page and inspire others to a better way of living!

nikken testimonials
Nikken Testimonials are important. Please email me with your experience today so I can help more people. Thank you!

Bone Health Pack

“After a lifetime of steroid use for asthma I was recently diagnosed with mild Osteoporosis and bone loss in my tooth. This was in Oct of 2015. My joint discomfort was also becoming painful.  Our bones play an important part in body function and not just skeletal structure. It is natural to want to use the magnets and all the products Nikken provides to get relief but I so recommend people get on the Bone Health Pack and support the body from within. Our bodies know how to heal, they just need our support.” –Talk with ChaCha: 1-778-922-0223

mStrides Magnetic Insoles

“As a young guy dealing with the daily aches and pains of fibromyalgia and degenerative arthritis, I’ll never forget the week I walked a full three miles between breaks at work.  It just so happens this was the first week I had worn my mStrides Nikken insoles!  Nikken has made a believer out of me!” – Steve Austin (Alabama, USA)

MagDuo for Tension

“I use the Nikken Kenko MagDuo in my practice when using the Body Code. They are light, compact, and simple to use. We use the magnets on ourselves, anywhere on the body.  We would not be without them.” – Doug Markert

PiMag Waterfall

“I love my Nikken PiMag Waterfall. It’s been so easy to refill, and it tastes so smooth and refreshing, every single glass!” – Lindsay Rose Healing

Nikken MagCreator

“I’m thrilled that my Nikken MagCreator came today.  It’s already helping my back.  I hope in a few days to be back to normal.  I’ll be looking into some of the other products.” – (A customer who had great results with the MagCreator at her medical practitioner’s office, so she decided to purchase one to have at home!)

Nikken Sleep System Nikken Testimonials

“My husband and I were blessed with a Nikken mattress topper from our daughter and son-in-law over Christmas and since our first night’s sleep on it we both have been enjoying the best night’s sleep ever. I used to be a very light sleeper with my night’s slumber always interrupted and now I find I am enjoying a deeper and more peaceful sleep than I have for many years. My husband who for the previous 20 years was only sleeping 4-5 hours per night and would wake up with a sore back and painful joints is now able to sleep. How wonderful it is to once again enjoy a full night’s sleep and to be blessed with such a simple solution!” – Vivianne (BC, Canada)

Nikken Air Filter Nikken Testimonials

“Hello. I started using that Nikken air purifier, again, the other night, in my bedroom. It’s helping me sleep better. Thanks.” – Clinton (BC, Canada)

Nikken mStrides Magnetic Insoles Nikken Testimonials

“This is day 2 since the Nikken magnetic insoles (mStrides) arrived last Thur.–and feeling no discomfort!!!!!!!!!!! I woke up with red feet and hurting with a little burning from over night and sleeping bare footed without the insoles– got up at 6:45am put the insoles in my sandals and within 10 minutes the feet returned to normal color and felt a warm comforting feeling. They’re great and I plan on ordering another pair.” – Dave (USA)

Rotator Cuff – Strained Tendons & Muscles

“Have been meaning to give you a progress update.  After 31 hours of having Nikken magnets on I could rotate my right arm for 1st time in 51/2 weeks;  after 48 hours, I could swim my 2 miles (though more slowly than usual).  My speed is almost normal now. I bought my cats a pet magnet pad years ago and when my shoulder blade and back hurt from too much kick board I slept on it a couple nights.  My shoulder blade felt better and I slept far better than usual. Wish I’d connected with you right after I fell and lost less of my summer, but am grateful I did connect with you!”- Jane

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Nikken Consultant

Nadine Staaf

Nadine is an artist/illustrator and has been a Nikken Consultant since 2012. She has assisted several hundred people in finding wellness with the Nikken products. Nikken celebrated their 40th Anniversary in 2015! Nadine is happy to answer your questions, through the email link on her Nikken website: