My Nikken Team Kaizen Trip Experience

Friends! I am so excited to share with you my Nikken Team Kaizen trip experience. I’m going to update this page with pictures while I’m on the journey so you can join in the adventure with me!

Charlottetown to Montreal

This part isn’t super glamorous: I woke up at 3:30 this morning so that I could be picked up by a cab at 4:45 and make the 6am flight from Charlottetown. That’s the reality of flying out of the wee Charlottetown airport– there aren’t too many flights to choose from.

I love being in the Montreal airport (for a few hours layover). It’s fun to speak French again and hear it being spoken. I asked for coffee in the official Montreal language and the barista even knew what I was saying. It’s rainy here, but I won’t be in Montreal for very long.

The next flight will bring me to Toronto where I will sit for a lovely lunch with my beautiful friend and fellow Nikken Consultant, ChaCha Chapin. I couldn’t imaging lunching with anyone else while on this journey. She’s a wonderful person <3

Lunching in Toronto

I was a little concerned that maybe I wouldn’t get through airport security with all the Nikken Supplements I have in my bag, but I made it. Woohoo! And to top it off, ChaCha and I shared a wonderful lunch at a Middle Eastern style restaurant in the airport.

Now, I wait to board the flight to Cancun! Everyone in the boarding area looks to be wearing way too many pieces of clothing, so I hope they know where they’re going 😉

Connecting in Toronto with my friend and fellow Nikken Consultant, @chachachachapin ⚘ So nice to visit & let’s do it again!

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I’m in Love with My Casita

Nikken has blessed Team Kaizen 2017 incredibly with accommodations at the 5 diamond resort, Fairmont Mayakoba. My casita is fabulous and the room attendants are amazing. Today was a very good day.

It’s going to be challenging leaving this bathroom behind when I return back home in a few days!

Boat Tour, Crocodiles, Swimming, Dining Perfection

Today was a mighty fine day. It began with a breakfast buffet at one of the resort restaurants, “La Laguna”. Everything I’ve eaten has been delicious. I’ve made friends with some wonderful Nikken Consultants. It’s really nice to connect with other like-minded people and I’ve already had some great aha-moments.

We went on a boat tour in the “Venice of Mexico”. A beautiful boat ride where we saw animals, and then were dropped off at the beach, where I swam in the Caribbean ocean for the first time. The water was warm. It was perfect.

Mayakoba Boat Tour

We went on a boat tour and saw baby aligators & turtles & birds 🐢

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Swimming in the Caribbean!

So far, I’m managing ok… Just in case you were concerned 😆

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After swimming, it became lunch time where great conversation and delicious food continued to ensue. I’m sure enjoying the company of my new Nikken friends.

I was happy to make a Skype call with my wonderful family back home. I can tell they’re having fun father-son time, but I sure do miss them already!

Swimming in the infinity pool, lounging poolside and enjoying super-fun Mexican cocktails… I could get used to this.

Tomorrow is our excursion day!

Chichen Itza & Cenote Swimming

A hot hot day, but a memorable one. We hopped into an air-conditioned shuttle bus and drove for a couple hours off the resort to the Mexican state of Yucatan. We did a walking tour of the Chichen Itza ruins, one of the new 7 wonders of the world.

Lifetime memories were made ☄

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After a couple hours of intense sweating (seriously, I don’t think I’ve ever sweat that much before!), we had a delicious buffet lunch at a restaurant near the city of Valladolid. Then, we swam in a cenote, which was an amzing experience! The water was cool and fresh and there were even some fish swimming around in there!

After a wonderfully long day, a relaxing evening back at the resort was perfect. In-room dining service followed by a peaceful bath and very good sleep.

Bicycle to the Beach & Conversation

This vacation has been so relaxing. It’s exactly what I felt I needed at this time in my life, and I am so grateful to Nikken for footing the bill. What an incredible way to reward people for their efforts!

Friday was all about movement and good conversation. Nikken and the Fairmont Mayakoba threw us a dinner party on the beach, a farewell as most people are leaving the resort to return home on Saturday.

Biking through the jungle to the beach 🌱

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Sending summertime back home to #pei #canada ☉ A little bit like the red sandy cliffs!

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The Nikken Team Kaizen trip is coming to an end, and although I am sad to leave Mexico and all the great people I’ve become friends with, I am also very excited to hug my husband and son. Believe it or not, I’m actually looking forward to the cool and crisp Spring air of Prince Edward Island, Canada.

Thanks for reading along on my journey. Wishing you much wellness and happiness wherever you decide to go!

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