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Nikken Supplements- My Regime

Hello, friends! I was asked, recently, by a new Consultant on my Nikken team, “which supplements do you take, and are there any that you would recommend?” His question got me to thinking– what do I take and why?

nikken supplements organic nutritionals
Nikken supplements- organic based nutritionals are perfect for maintaining health and improving health. Whole food wellness!

As I was writing, I realized: this would make a great blog post, so hopefully you will also benefit from reading about my Nikken supplements regime. If you have any questions, you’re welcome to email me and I will gladly respond to your email.

Okay, so this is my regular routine (I switch it up, from time to time, but consistently consume the following):

    • I wake up and drink a tall glass of water (from the Nikken Waterfall). I just leave the glass of water on my night table, at night, so that it’s ready to drink as soon as I wake up. Nothing like Waterfall water, first thing in the morning. Best routine I’ve started!
    • Usually, I’ll have an egg on toast for breakfast. Sometimes I’ll throw in some spinach or cheese to get really crazy. I’ll take one Mega Daily 4, one Omega Green DHA, and one vegan digestive enzymes with a couple sips of water.
    • My next meal is a clean organic meal replacement shake (Kenzen Vital Balance, aka KVB)… I usually eat 3-4 meals/day, and I make this one of my meals. I most often just stir it into a tall glass of water. On occasion, I’ll throw it all into a blender with some spinach and frozen blueberries, but that all takes time and I’m trying to change the world, here!
    • In between lunch and dinner, I will have a snack and pair it with a Mega Daily 4, drinking lots of water, throughout the day. I drink some coffee in the morning, too– haven’t given that up, yet. One day, I probably will, but for now– it’s just pleasureful.
    • In the afternoon, I often have the best natural energy drink, Ten4 (this stuff is amazing, if you want up to 6-hours of calm , clean energy/alertness). I don’t drink it every single day, but if I know that I’m going to need to be alert in the evening, then I will mix a packet into some water and drink it around 3pm. No crash or jitters- much better than coffee. I LOVE it.
    • Regular dinner, of some kind (that, thankfully, my husband has usually prepared), paired with a Mega Daily 4, Digestion Complex, and sometimes the Nikken Immunity mushroom blend.

My Nikken Supplements Goal

Within a couple of years, I will be taking more Nikken supplements. I feel like I’m working into that and it’s just a matter of time. One that I would really like to begin, soon, is the NEW Lactoferrin 2.0. I keep hearing people talking about how good it makes them feel.

I’m not a perfect supplement user, by any means, but I’m getting better at being consistent with them. I definitely notice I have more energy and mental clarity when I’m taking the recommended number of supplements, every day.

Nikken Supplements for Health Challenges

I think if I was dealing with certain health challenges, then I would be taking other Nikken supplements, in addition to what I’m currently taking, (like Kenzen Joint).

The Bone Health supplements are a popular and effective solution for people who are working to improve their bone health. And then there’s the digestive and liver supplements, and the list goes on. There’s really so much we can each be doing to improve and maintain health.

So, that’s that, folks. I look forward to changing the world with you. It’s FUN having energy and feeling great. Jump onboard the Nikken Supplements train, stay on it, and you sure will be glad you did.

Learn more about Nikken’s organic-based nutrition: Nikken nutrition for wellness and as always- I welcome your email inquiries 🙂

Wishing you many many days of good health.