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Nikken Rotator Cuff Testimonial Inspiring

Hello friends, I received an inspiring Nikken rotator cuff testimonial, today, from a customer who came to me, a couple weeks back, because she was suffering with so much discomfort from a Rotator Cuff injury with strained muscles and tendons.

nikken rotator cuff magnets testimonial
Nikken magnets used in the testimonial on the rotator cuff (Kenko PowerMini magnets). The DUK tape and CM cream is also amazing.

She’s an avid swimmer and had lost quite a bit of her summer swim time, so she was eager to get using the magnets so she could enjoy swimming again. With her permission, here is the email message that I received from her, today:

“Have been meaning to give you a progress update.  After 31 hours of having Nikken magnets on I could rotate my right arm for 1st time in 5 1/2 weeks;  after 48 hours, I could swim my 2 miles (though more slowly than usual). My speed is almost normal now. I bought my cats a magnetic pet pad years ago and when my shoulder blade and back hurt from too much kick board I slept on it a couple nights. I felt good again and I slept far better than usual. Wish I’d connected with you right after I fell and lost less of my summer, but am grateful I did connect with you!”

She is my new friend and she has friends who need the Nikken products, also. When I receive emails, like this one, from people who just want to feel better and then do feel better because of Nikken products, I remember how important my work is in this world– to help more people feel better. I am so pleased to have been able to help, and grateful to Nikken for these amazing technologies. Thank you, Nikken!

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Wishing you much wellness!


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