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Nikken Magnets for Health

Nikken magnets have always been amazing, but they have substantially improved with technological enhancements, over the years. Nikken magnets are better than ever and I’m excited, as a Nikken Consultant, to be able to share them with you.

Below are are the current Nikken magnetic products available to Customers and Consultants.

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Nikken Magnets: Kenko PowerMini

These little Nikken magnetic gems are my favorite. We use them very often in our home. My husband puts them on his back and arm (or whatever is hurting at the time).

I stick them to the area between my shoulder blade and my spine (near the base of my neck) and use them as tension prevention, most often. I’m on the computer a lot, and I find them very helpful for “computer mouse arm ache syndrome” (I made that name up– but you know what I mean, right?)

The Nikken PowerMini magnets are super versatile. I would love to read your stories. Where do you put the Nikken PowerMini magnets?

nikken magnets power mini
Nikken magnets Kenko PowerMini are ideal for supporting any area of the body that needs extra support: small Nikken magnets

Tip: For added support, we stick these Nikken magnets on with the Nikken DUK Tape, too!

nikken magnets with duk tape
Nikken magnets can be used in combination with the Nikken DUK Tape for the ultimate support and wellness!

Nikken Magnets: Kenko PowerChip

I wear these Nikken magnets on a thin silver chain as a necklace pendant, although many people tuck the Nikken Kenko PowerChip into their Nikken Wraps for added health benefit.

The PowerChip is a very good magnet and helpful for the body to do its best work, but I personally prefer the PowerMini Nikken magnets (above) for their versatility.

nikken magnets kenko powerchip
Nikken magnets Kenko PowerChip has a little loop to wear on a thin chain as a necklace, or you can tuck it under one of the support Wraps!

Nikken Magnets for Back Support: Kenko MagFlex

The Nikken Kenko MagFlex is one of Nikken’s best-selling magnets– I love mine and I use it more than just for back support. Here is a page I wrote that’s all about the Nikken MagFlex: magnetic back pad

nikken magnets for back support
Nikken magnets for back support: Kenko MagFlex magnetic back pad

Nikken Magnets: Kenko MagDuo (Magboy)

The Nikken Kenko MagDuo (formerly called the “Magboy”) is one of the Nikken magnetic products that has gained quite a bit of popularity due to its level of performance on wellness.

The Nikken magboy is also widely known because of Dr. Bradley Nelson’s book, The Emotion Code: How to Release Your Trapped Emotions for Abundant Health, Love, and Happiness.

These Nikken rolling magnets can be rolled over the body part in which you’re working to achieve wellness and you can easily take it with you in your gym bag or purse.

If you don’t want to touch your body with the magnets (for example, if you are too sore with your health situation), then you can also simply spin them over your body or hold them near your body. All options will be beneficial.

nikken magnets rolling magboy magduo
Nikken Kenko Magduo (formerly, Magboy) rolling magnets are a wellness necessity for many & simple to use.

Nikken Magnetic Seat Cushion: KenkoSeat II

I didn’t really believe in magnets until I used them for a while and then stopped using them. WOW– I won’t drive anywhere now without my Nikken magnetic seat cushion. The difference in support is incredible.

I can drive long distances now and not even feel a bit uncomfortable. If you know someone who is a long-haul truck driver, or someone who sits at an office desk all day, please let them know that this Nikken seat cushion is a really important solution for their health: Nikken KenkoSeat Cushion

nikken magnetic seat cushion
The Nikken magnetic seat cushion is something I will never go without, now that I feel the major difference in my comfort and support: Nikken KenkoSeat II

Questions about Nikken Magnets?

If you’re not sure which Nikken magnets are best for you, please feel welcome to email me and I can help you with some product suggestions or simply answer your questions. I will always respond to your email as quickly as possible. Thank you! Email: Nikken Consultant