Nikken Magnetic Pillow for Better Sleep

My family and I each have the Nikken magnetic pillow. It’s a comforting and comfortable pillow for rest all night long.

Nikken Magnetic Pillow

The name of the new Nikken pillow is the “Kenko Naturest Custom Pillow”. The “Custom” part is important because you can remove some of the natural latex filler to make the pillow more or less full. This makes it easy for you to find the perfect level of comfort you’re looking to achieve.

nikken magnetic pillow naturest
Nikken magnetic pillow. Learn more below!

Natural Latex Resiliency

We’ve had our Nikken magnetic pillows for a couple of years now and they’re still like new. We’ve used them every night. The natural latex pillow filler is resilient and doesn’t squish super flat like memory foam does. It’s a high quality filler.

Nikken Magnetic Pillow Magnets

The magnets in the pillow are positioned to ensure the most magnetic coverage, even during movement, and the magnetic technology is unparalleled.

Nikken Magnets Since 1975

Nikken is a leader in magnetic technology, creating and improving their magnets since 1975.  Nikken knows how to achieve balanced wellness for people. The Nikken sleep system environment is a spectacular thing indeed.

Complete with the Nikken Pillow Case

I really hope that Nikken comes out with a sheet set to match their awesome pillow cases. The Nikken pillow cases aren’t magnetic, but they offer fabulous temperature regulating and wellness enhancing features.

I love my pillow case and wouldn’t trade it with any other pillow case. It’s the perfect addition to the Nikken magnetic pillow.

Learn More about the Nikken Magnetic Pillow

You’ll find more details on my official Nikken website. When you order products as my Nikken customer, your Nikken pillow will ship from Nikken’s warehouse to your home/office with Nikken warranty and shipment tracking. See all the Nikken magnetic pillow details: Nikken Pillow

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Order By Phone

To order by phone, please follow these steps:

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  2. With your Customer ID number in-hand, call Nikken’s customer service centre at 1-800-669-8859 (Canada or USA).

Order Online

To order online, please follow these steps for best results:

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As always, I welcome your emails at your convenience. I’m grateful to be your Nikken distributor.

To your wellness!

Nikken Consultant, since 2012