Nikken Kenko MagDuo Rolling Magnets

Nikken Kenko MagDuo Rolling Magnets

Nikken is a heart-centered company that’s been serving customers all over the world, since 1975. Nikken researches and develops technologies that replicate nature’s energies and includes them in valuable energy products, such as the Nikken Kenko MagDuo.

One of the main energies that Nikken produces is the Earth’s magnetic field– an energy so powerful and important to our wellness. Even though Nikken magnetic energy is well-known in the Eastern part of the world, magnetic energy is still relatively new to North Americans.

It’s my pleasure to share these revolutionary products, including the Nikken Kenko MagDuo (formerly known as the “Magboy” rolling magnets).

nikken kenko magduo magboy rolling magnets
Nikken Kenko MagDuo rolling magnets can ease muscle tension and stress all over.

Nikken Kenko MagDuo Magnet or Nikken Magboy?

Because Nikken is a research & development company, they’re always improving their craft.

Years ago, the “Nikken Magboy” was Nikken’s handheld rolling magnetic device. The version that I had was two silver magnetic balls held in a navy blue case with a clear plastic lid. It was a great product, but it has improved since then!

Nikken developed a better product, which is now called the Nikken MagDuo– technically, named the “Nikken Kenko MagDuo” and the word kenko is Japanese for “health and wellness”.

Nikken is originally a Japanese wellness company, which is now headquartered in Irvine, California.

Why a new Nikken Magboy?

The Nikken Magboy was an excellent product, both in terms of technology and health benefits.

The challenge with the Nikken Magboy was that it didn’t include Nikken’s newest technology, it was pretty heavy and cumbersome, and the new Nikken Kenko MagDuo is more environmentally friendly than ever before.

Nikken Kenko MagDuo Benefits

The Nikken Kenko MagDuo rolling magnets offer the wonderful health benefits of the Nikken Magboy, but give off improved energy because of the new technology used.

The health benefits and features you can expect with the Nikken Kenko MagDuo:

  • Ease tension
  • Relieve stress
  • Balance energy
  • Non-invasive
  • Lightweight
  • Includes gentle massage nodules
  • Conveniently pocket-size for easy portability

DynaFlux Magnetic Technology

The Nikken magnetic technology uses static (permanent) magnets, used by millions of Nikken customers, all over the world. More detailed information: Nikken Magnetic  Energy

As I write this all out, I am overjoyed by my feeling of love for what Nikken is able to provide to so many people around the world, and for people like me to be able to share these beautiful products and make a living by doing so.

I encourage you to look at all of what Nikken offers because the Nikken Kenko MagDuo rolling magnet is just the beginning of what you’re about to experience.

My favorite Nikken product is the PiMag Waterfall because with every glass of water I feel more healthy: Best Nikken Water System 

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