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Nikken Filter Water Bottle | Nikken PiMag Sport Bottle

I was introduced to my first Nikken filter water bottle in 2006. It was a wonderful water bottle, but there were a couple design issues that I didn’t care for.

The new bottle (shown below) has a much improved design and our family likes it a lot more than the old version of the Nikken filter water bottle.

Did you know: Nikken celebrated their 41st anniversary in 2016!

nikken filter water bottle pimag sport
Nikken filter water bottle- PiMag Sport Bottle, offers revolutionary water technology, health benefits, and a cost-effective bottled water solution.

Nikken Filter Water Bottle Information & Benefits

The Nikken filter water bottle has so many benefits for our bodies and the planet. The PiMag Sport Bottle is a sustainable option for children as well as adults. The fact is– when there’s good clean water nearby, we drink more water!

  • Alkaline, for a PH-balanced water
  • Meets or exceeds internationally recognized filtration standards
  • Adds essential minerals to the water
  • Simply add water to the bottle and drink through the spout
  • Magnets reduce water’s sediment agglomeration
  • Creates a more hydrating water than tap/bottled water
  • Safe for everyone (no BPA or any potentially harmful chemicals).
  • Environmentally responsible design
    • Non-plastic biodegradable shell
    • filter/spout is replaceable to extend life of the bottle
nikken filter water bottle pimag sport filtration
Nikken filter water bottle to treat tap water & take anywhere: Nikken Water Bottle

Nikken Filter Water Bottle Replacement Filters & Spouts

The Nikken water bottle replacement filters come as a 2-pack and each filter also contains a new spout so that you can have the cleanest drinking water at all times. The new spout nozzle makes it feel like a brand new Nikken water bottle every time you change it!

How often do you need to replace the Nikken water bottle filter?

The filter really needs to be changed every 3 months with average use. If you’re using your water bottle all day, every single day, then you may find that you need to change the filter slightly more often (2-3 months or every 250 fills). I’ve never needed to change mine more than every 3 months, but I also drink from our Nikken PiMag Waterfall, not solely from the Nikken filter water bottle.

nikken filter water bottle replacement filters spouts
Nikken filter water bottle replacement filters pack with spouts.

How much water does the Nikken water bottle hold?

The Nikken water bottle holds 21 oz of water (812 ml).

How does the Nikken water bottle work?

After the initial filter preparation, to have amazing alkaline, mineral, magnetic, purified drinking water, all you need to do is take the lid off and pour tap water into the bottle. Then, when you drink through the spout, the water passes through the filter and you’re drinking beautiful purified alkaline water (the magnets are in the black strip around the bottle’s body).

What is PiMag Water?

PiMag water is amazing– that’s what it is. It’s brilliant! Scientifically, though– here’s more detailed information about Nikken PiMag Water (watch the Waterfall video!)

Buy the Nikken water bottle today

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Nikken Water Bottle Video

Nikken Autoship for Filter Replacements

If you don’t want to forget to change your filter on time, then I highly encourage you to register for Nikken’s autoship program so that your filters will arrive at your doorstep at regular intervals (monthly or every few months, or annually– your choice). If you would like to be on Autoship, please send me an email and I can explain how you can setup: Nikken Consultant

As always, I welcome your questions!

Wishing you much wellness,

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