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Nikken DUK Tape is a practical way to soothe sore muscles and joints. The kinetic tape isn’t like anything on the market. It’s the only kinetic tape designed by Nikken, a leader in wellness since 1975.

Amazing stuff!

Benefits of Nikken DUK Tape

  • Promotes relaxation through movement
  • Brings comfort to stressed muscles and joints
  • Helps with muscle recovery from sports etc.
  • Facilitates motion and movement
  • Gives pull to the top layer of skin, allowing blood-flow to the important areas, below the top layer of skin
  • Facilitates the relaxation of muscles
  • Generates a gentle warmth
  • Breathable for a superior comfort level
  • Water resistant for all kinds of physical activity

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nikken duk tape kinetic discount
Nikken DUK Tape is 100% cotton tape that’s hypoallergenic and breathable.

What is Nikken DUK Tape?

The DUK in “Nikken DUK Tape” stands for Dynamic Underlayer Kinetic tape. Athletic tapes and Kinesiology tapes have been on the market, since the 70s. Most tapes are rigid, but the This Tape is flexible to allow for greater movement and flexibility.

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Breathable
  • Water resistant
  • Can be cut to the size you need
  • Can be applied to so many areas of the body
  • Low profile for the ability to wear under clothing
nikken duk tape placement
Nikken DUK Tape can be applied to the area that’s sore for greater ease and wellness. Apply to the shoulder, back, head, abdomen, arm, knee, achilles, calf, wrist, ankle, and more!

Nikken DUK Tape Testimonials

People have been noticing results from the Nikken kinetic Tape!

Some of the ways people have been using the tape with positive results include the following. Keep in mind that you may use this kinetic in ways that are not yet listed, here:

  • On the back of the neck/shoulders for neck tension
  • Helping with sore muscles
  • Assisting in injury recovery
  • Assisting with a torn achilles tendon
  • Helping with knee discomfort
  • Applied to the head for aches
  • Reduced many kinds of symptoms from discomforts

How to Apply Nikken DUK Tape

You can apply the Nikken KenkoTherm DUK Tape to your skin and leave it on for several days, if you desire. The way to do that is to trim the tape, round the corners out a little with a pair of scissors, and then stretch the tape slightly, while pressing it down onto clean and dry skin.

  • Applying lotions/creams, before applying the tape, will reduce the time that the tape will stay on the skin. Clean, dry skin is best, before applying.
  • Use with the Nikken PowerChip magnets or the PowerMini magnets for improved wellness, under the tape.
  • Not for use over open wounds (due to the adhesive quality)
  • See video, a little further down this page for helpful application information

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Using Nikken DUK Tape?


Nikken DUK Tape Information Sheet

For more information and instructions, Nikken has created a DUK Tape Instructions document.

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