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Nikken Discounts

There are a number of ways to save on Nikken products. Here are the Nikken discounts happening now:

1) Autoship to Save 10% to 25%

To save 10-25% on a number of Nikken products, please read this information: Nikken Autoship Discount

2) Free Shipping: Weight Management Pack

Free shipping is currently available on the Nikken 90-Day Organic Weight Management Pack in Canada & USA.

  1. Go to the “Shop Now” tab at
  2. Choose your country (Canada or USA)
  3. Search “weight” in the small search bar within the Nikken website
  4. Find the Everyday Weight Management Pack
  5. Add the 90-day Pack to your shopping cart and fill in your shipping information. Then you’ll see the shipping come up at 1 penny (which is how the system calculates “free shipping”).
  6. People are losing weight on this program!