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Nikken Consultant Opportunity

If you’re interested in learning about how to become a Nikken Consultant with the Nikken Consultant opportunity, then please read all the information on this page and the link that leads you to the Policies & Procedures document.

Before beginning, you want to ensure that the Nikken Consultant opportunity is the right opportunity for you. Sometimes, becoming a Customer is the better option. It really depends on what your goals are and whether becoming a Consultant will fit your needs.

Nikken Consultant Online Sign-Up

If all your questions are answered and you’re ready to sign up with the Nikken Consultant opportunity, then here is the online sign-up form: Nikken Consultant Online Registration

How much does it cost to sign up as a Nikken Consultant?

To register as an Independent Nikken Consultant, the cost is $99 +tax. Funds are in USD or CDN, depending on your location.

Is there an annual renewal fee to remain a Nikken Consultant?

Yes. The annual renewal fee is $79 +tax, which needs to be paid as you approach your 1-year anniversary in Nikken, and every year thereafter.

What do you get when you sign up as a Nikken Consultant?

  1. Official Nikken Website: Every Nikken Consultant gets an official Nikken website (called a PWP– Personal Web Page). Here is my official Nikken website: Nikken Consultant, Nadine Staaf
  2. Nikken Headquarters support: Nikken has a full Consultant and Customer service support team that’s just a phone call away. They’re open Monday to Friday and ready to answer questions and process orders/returns. They do all the shipping and handle all the details. Our job is to spread the word about Nikken and their revolutionary products and business opportunity!
  3. Upline Nikken Consultants: When you become a Nikken Consultant, you are registered as part of a group of people. You become someone’s “downline” and they become your “upline”. The role of the upline is to help get the new person started and going in the business. Some people work closely with their upline. Other people are more independent. Either way, you can be successful.
  4. Wholesale Pricing: Consultant can purchase at Wholesale prices for their own personal needs or to retail to clients (more info below).
  5. Live Motivational Calls, Monthly Nikken Calls, and More: If you’re someone who needs to stay connected, there’s something happening almost daily around North America. Almost everything you can connect to by phone or through the internet. Please ask me for the schedule of calls/webinars and you will hear about more when you’re all signed up, if you wish.

Is the Official Nikken Website Customizable?

Parts of the Nikken website are customizable. You can change your “My Story” page and your “My Favorites” page. On those pages you can add text, pictures, and links, the way that I have done.

Do I need to work with my upline?

Everyone has a different way of doing the business. There is no rule that says you must work with your upline. There will be many people in your upline and you can reach up higher than the person who is directly “above” you in the business. If you’re in independent person, and you prefer to work alone, then all the power to you.

There are loads of room for differences in the way you choose to work. I personally work on my own, most of the time, just because I’m content doing so. Although, sometimes I reach up to my upline for greater understanding. You can always email me if you need direction or wish to be connected with more people than myself.

How do you do the Nikken business?

One of the great things about the Nikken Consultant opportunity is that you can really do the business in the way that feels best to you. The majority of the people I have met in Nikken do face-to-face sales. Talk about the product, show people the benefits, get people on Nikken Autoship and help others begin their own Nikken careers.

For most of my time in Nikken, I have focused on retailing the product because I LOVE the Nikken products and have been able to help myself, my family, and many others by doing so. I have put a lot of my energy into having a successful online business with Nikken. You can read more about my story, further down this page.

Can I sell the Nikken products on eBay, Amazon, Etsy, etc?

When considering Nikken as an online marketing opportunity, it’s important to understand that a Nikken Consultant cannot sell products on places like eBay, Amazon, or Etsy. Product sales must go through the official Nikken PWP (unless you’re doing face-to-face sales, such as at a home show or trade show, in which case you can buy products from Nikken at wholesale and sell them at retail). But in terms of online sales, they must go through your PWP.

It’s okay to have an external blog/website like the one that you’re reading from right now, but the product sales must go through the PWP. This protects the customer as well as the integrity of the business. It also helps to maintain a balanced playing field for all Nikken Consultants.

Can Nikken Consultants advertise?

Yes, of course. There are even marketing materials already available for you to use (to promote online or to print off or show at your events).

Nikken needs to maintain their brand and requires consultants to follow the Nikken Policies Procedures closely. The policies are strictly enforced, so if you think you won’t be able to follow them, then it’s best not to become a consultant and instead order Nikken products as a customer.

What is the Wholesale Discount for Nikken Consultants?

The wholesale discount for Nikken Consultants is 20% off the retail price. For example, if the retail price of the organic weight management program is $413 USD Retail, then the wholesale price is $330 USD.

Are prices different in Canada?

Yes. Prices in Canada are based on the USD/CDN exchange rate. I have been a Canadian Nikken Consultant since 2012 and have had plenty of Canadian sales, so even though the prices are higher in Canada than in the States, but the products are still in-demand.

Can I sell to both USA and Canada?

Yes. As North American Nikken Consultants we can sell to customers in the United States and in Canada through our official Nikken websites. Customers can also call their orders in by phoning Nikken, or if you want to talk to customers directly, then you can help them place their order over the phone.

What are some of the ways to do the Nikken business?

You can choose the way you work your Nikken business (you probably already have an idea of how you want to go about building your business). Here are a few ideas to get you started: Nikken Business Ideas

My Nikken Story

The Nikken Consultant opportunity has been my business choice since 2012. I had looked at other direct sales marketing opportunities before choosing Nikken (had even joined another company for about two short months).

I’m grateful every day that I made my choice to go with Nikken and mostly– to stick with it!

Nikken Consultant Opportunity- Why?

For several years before I actually signed up with Nikken, I had known about the products and company because my friend’s mom was a Nikken Consultant. She had been a Consultant with Nikken for 15 years at that time. The fact that she was still with Nikken after 15 years really stood out to me. Longevity.

When I started in Nikken, I was looking to fulfill a vision: to be a work-from-home-mom with a successful online business, while my son went to Kindergarten, which was a few blocks from the basement suite we were renting at the time. Oh wow– as I look back on those days, a lot has changed in my life since that time. Vision.

nikken consultant opportunity
Our son and I when we were living in Victoria, BC, visiting Butchart Gardens, one of our favorite places.

My First 6 months in Nikken (2012)

For my first year in Nikken, I basically did nothing that was of immediate financial reward (inspiring, right?). I held myself back with fear of so many things. I was afraid of “selling”; I was afraid of what I thought network marketing was; I was afraid of what people would think of me; I was afraid of not being successful; I was afraid of being too successful.

But I had a mentor who believed in me. And I had a vision of figuring out how to be successful online.

I wasn’t well when I first started Nikken. I had been experiencing longtime postpartum depression and chronic aches in the head. I was on prescription drugs for depression, anxiety, and mood stabilization.

Needless to say, I found balance with Nikken and was able to successfully ween myself off all the prescriptions that the doctor claimed I would be on for the rest of my life. Wellness.

After my first couple months of not earning any money in Nikken (because of my own lack of real effort), I decided to take on some writing gigs. I’ve always loved writing and I really wanted to stay at home to be near my son while he was at our neighborhood school.

My First Year in Nikken (2013)

The writing was going well, but I was paid fairly little– just enough to pay the bills and I had taken on a part-time job at a nearby shoe store (not a dream come true).

It was during that year when I realized I would be earning more money if I was writing for my own business, and not giving my time to someone else’s business. So, that’s when I really began to put effort into my first health blog, writing about Nikken.

nikken consultant opportunity business vision
Thanks to Nikken for inspiring us all to dream big and never give up!

At this time, my confidence was still low (some may call me a late bloomer, but hear me out– my persistence has brought me many rewards and will continue to do so).

It was the end of 2013 when I saw my first online sales– customers buying products from my Nikken website. It felt like a miracle. I was actually starting to make the Nikken Consultant Opportunity work for me.

By the end of the year, I had doubled my first year’s income (which still wasn’t saying much because year one was a bit of a bust). But I had made progress, so in my mind– I was becoming a success 😉

My Second Year in Nikken (2014)

*First, please understand that my SLOW approach to doing Nikken is not the way it’s necessarily meant to be done. Earning money is a good thing– it just took me a long time to get going because I held myself back in so many ways and I continue to break through old thought patterns as I step more into a leadership role.

2014 was what I considered to be my first successful year with the Nikken Consultant opportunity. I earned 36 times more that year than I had the year before. I had figured out what I was good at and I put all my business time into promoting the Nikken products. I still have customers ordering today who placed their first order with me in 2014.

nikken consultant opportunity business
The Nikken Consultant opportunity took me to California on a paid holiday. Thanks Nikken!

I also earned myself a paid vacation to California to visit Nikken World Headquarters (and do some other fun stuff), a vision I had held for myself since the beginning. Only 3 people earned that trip, so I was feeling mighty grateful to Nikken and to the Universe, but I was still scared to shine– scared of success and scared of the unknown. Winning.

With all the winning, I was fearful that it might all fall apart (perhaps old anxiety popping up). For that, I felt I needed the security of a “good government job”. My father had worked the same job for 30 years and he always seemed to be financially well, so that’s what I thought I needed to do.

So, I applied for a good government job. It took more than a year to be called for an interview (and a lot happened in that year while I “waited” to be called). I didn’t “wait” to have success in Nikken, though.

My Third Year in Nikken (2015)

In my third year as a Nikken Consultant, as a waited to be called in for that good government job, my Nikken income doubled again.

During this time, my husband and I decided that he would become a stay-at-home father to our son and that we would move across the country so that we’d have a brighter future (we were living in one of the most expensive cities in Canada and didn’t want to raise our son in an apartment).

Nikken rewarded me with thousands of dollars in rewards that year (free dollars to spend on products) and my family and friends got Nikken products for Christmas gifts. It was FUN!

just keep going
Even if you gave up yesterday, you can decide to be successful today, and today, and today.

My Fourth Year in Nikken (2016)

2016 was an interesting year, and as I reflect, I can look at it positively or negatively. I did it to myself. I was so afraid that I wouldn’t be able to keep doing well in my business that I said “yes” when I was offered my first government contract.

I kept telling myself how good it was to have a “steady paycheck”, not realizing that I would actually come out of it earning less from that job than I had the year before in Nikken.

I disillusioned myself into believing that a good government job would be the answer to doing better in life. The costs of going to work began to outweigh the actual earning potential. The math didn’t add up.

So, for the most part of 2016, I held down the full-time government job (10 hours/day, 5 days/week with commute) while trying to maintain my Nikken business and a balanced family life. Most areas of my life suffered as a result of my decision to have a full-time job.

It wasn’t enjoyable and my business didn’t grow, BUT I realized a lot during 2016 about the way the world works. I learned about what makes sense and what doesn’t.

Somehow, in 2016, I managed to reach a milestone in Nikken: I was named the only Canadian member of Nikken’s Team Kaizen 2017— what an honor to be a part of a group of great leaders. The Team just celebrated with a paid luxury vacation in to Mexico– North American Consultants and European Consultants.

See pictures of my Nikken Team Kaizen trip to Mexico!

nikken consultant opportunity team kaizen
Nikken Consultant opportunity has provided me a spot in Team Kaizen and a luxury trip to Mexico in 2017. Thank you, Nikken! See pictures from my Nikken Team Kaizen trip to Mexico!

As you can imagine, I have decided that a “good government job” just wasn’t the solution I was hoping it would be.

The Nikken Consultant opportunity is a way to earn income, and it’s a way to live a great life. The best part is that I really feel like I’m making a difference for people in the world by sharing these revolutionary products.

My Fifth Year in Nikken (2017)

For the past 5 years, I have put almost all of my business energy into promoting the Nikken products, and I have become a leader in retail sales. I will continue to do so in 2017, but I am a different person now than I was when I began this journey…

I am beginning to see myself as a leader and I am beginning to want things that I’ve never wanted before: I am beginning to want to have a large business organization of people helping people.

In saying that, I have decided that 2017 is about learning from the best– to learn how to successfully build a large organization where everyone is winning. I am aiming to get better at what I’m doing– the kaizen way!

Success starts with a vision and a decision and I’m excited to grow my Nikken Consultant opportunity further.

If you’re interested in the Nikken Consultant opportunity, then you’ll be welcomed on our team. Feel free to email myself. Or you can call my teammate and good friend, ChaCha at 778-922-0223, to get started. We’re looking forward to meeting you!

To your wellness and to everyone you positively affect with Nikken!

Nadine Staaf,
Nikken Consultant