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Nikken Comforter

The Nikken Comforter comes in two different styles, depending on your wellness needs and your desires in a comforter:

1) Nikken Kenko Dream Comforter

2) Nikken Kenko Dream Comforter Light

The Light version of the Nikken Comforter is ideal for warmer climates and warmer seasons, where you might not need the extra weight of a heavier comforter. It’s also great for people who simply prefer a lighter blanket, or for those who tend to overheat at night because this Nikken Comforter (light) will be cooler than the regular version.

Both Nikken comforters have features for temperature regulation and comfort, and both comforters have magnets throughout, but I honestly prefer the heavier weight of the regular Dream version of the Nikken comforter.

*Please note: the “travel” version of the Nikken comforter doesn’t have magnets in it. Still a wonderful little blanket though!

nikken comforter
Nikken Comforter feels so good. It’s one of my family’s best health investments. Love the benefits every night! See all the sleep products: Nikken Sleep System

More Nikken Comforter Information

If you use the following links, you will see there is a “QRS” and “Brochure” link, below the picture, which has plenty more information:

Kenko Dream Comforter: Nikken Kenko Dream Comforter

Kenko Dream Light Comforter: Nikken Kenko Dream Light Comforter

nikken comforter kenko dream
We have both the Nikken Comforters in our home. Our son naturally is hot at night, so he uses the Kenko Dream “Light” comforter.

Nikken Comforter Wellness Technology Information

If you’re interested in the technology behind Nikken’s Sleep products, then here is some good information: Nikken Sleep Technology Info

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