Nikken Business Ideas | How to Do the Business

There are so many ways to do the Nikken business. Here are a few Nikken business ideas to help you explore what could work for you while using your interests, strengths, and goals for the future. 

Nikken Business Ideas

  • Face-to-face conversations with people you already know
  • Conversations with people you meet through business groups, online, or through friends of friends
  • In-home parties or events to showcase the products/opportunity
  • Live events that are bigger than an in-home party
  • If you have a health/wellness business or you’re a healthcare professional, simply incorporate Nikken products into your practice. Easy peasy. For example, setup the Nikken Waterfall at your location and people will start drinking from it! Put a little rack card beside it with information and talk to your clients about the health benefits of the best Nikken water system
  • Phone people: I know some Nikken consultants who work from home and simply make a lot of phone calls. If you enjoy being on the phone, then this could work well for you too.
  • Online advertising that sends people directly to your Nikken website PWP for product sales. If you know anything about online marketing, this could be a simple thing for you.
  • Join the business and bring on a close friend or family member who you’ve always wanted to work with. Work as a team- two minds can be greater than one, if you’re both on-board!
  • If you know how to blog, you can write articles like I do (there’s quite a learning curve to this approach, but if you already know what you’re doing, then you’d have an edge already)
  • Participate in a trade-show or health show booth where people can come to you and you can demonstrate the products. When people see what Nikken has, people want it. It’s just a matter of reaching enough people.
  • Build a team: if you have great people skills and you’re a natural leader, then by all means focus on building the team. Important note: product sales are how we earn money in Nikken. You can earn commissions from your downline sales as well, but we don’t earn money by recruiting people who don’t do anything or by not doing anything ourselves (that would be a pyramid scheme, which Nikken is not).

Think about your Interests, Strengths and Goals for your Business

Your Interests

What propels you? It’s good to think about this when you’re thinking about how to do the Nikken business and how you want the Nikken Consultant opportunity to work for you. I love to write– it motivates me and I enjoy it. This is a big reason I love to email rather than have phone calls. Build your business around the things that feel best to you and it won’t feel like “work” or drudgery.

Your Strengths

What are you good at already? If you naturally incorporate Nikken into what you’re already good at, you may find a seamless combination. For example, I am good at writing, which is a big reason I decided to go with the blogging approach. If you’re good at one-on-one conversation, then that could be a great approach for you!

Your Goals

In your mind, you probably already have the answer. What do you want for your business? If you can see yourself there already, then all you need to do is take the next step, and then take the next step. It doesn’t all need to be crystal clear right now. As long as you keep moving forward and never give up (even if you don’t make your goal as quickly as you’d like to), then you will certainly get to where you decide to go.

Please comment below with your questions or ideas. I would love to know about your Nikken business ideas and how you keep moving forward!

Yours Truly,

Nadine Staaf, Nikken Consultant since 2012

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