Nikken Autoship Information & Discount

Nikken Autoship | 10-25% Discount

Nikken has recently enhanced their Nikken Autoship program making it an even better deal for people to buy Nikken products on a regular basis.

Before buying your Nikken products, it’s a good idea to read the information below because you can probably save money by using the Nikken Autoship program.

If I haven’t answered your questions below, please feel welcome to email me so that I know how I can help you best: Nikken Consultant

nikken autoship discount price
Nikken Autoship provides customers with 10-25% off select products!

Nikken Autoship Program Benefits

Some benefits of the Nikken Autoship program include:

  • best discount available for customers
  • products shipped to your door in-time for your needs
  • products the freshest you can get them
  • you can change your order every time if you want
  • you’re not obligated to order a minimum number of times

Questions About Nikken Autoship

The following Nikken Autoship information may help answer your questions.

How much do you save on Nikken Products with Autoship?

The Nikken Autoship program provides customers with a 10-25% discount on the retail price of the eligible Nikken products.

Examples: If you buy your Nikken supplements on Autoship, then you will save 25% off their retail prices. Most filter replacements are 10% off. Choose a “quarterly” autoship and you’ll receive a new filter every 3 months without needing to worry about placing a new order every time!

How often do your products come to you on Nikken Autoship?

You can choose between several different options for the frequency of your Nikken Autoship shipments: monthly (once per month), bimonthly (once every 2 months), quarterly (once every 3 months), or semi-annually (once every 6 months).

For example, if you set your frequency to ‘Monthly’, you will receive your fresh Autoship order every month, at the perfect time, so you don’t run out.

Can You Change the Frequency?

Yes, you can change how frequently you receive your Autoship order. Say for example, you choose “monthly” for your skincare order, but then you realize that you only need it every 2 months, you can change that.

Customers can make unlimited changes to their Autoship orders, online with a Customer ID, or by phone by providing Nikken with your Customer ID (1-800-669-8859). Change requests must be received at least three (3) business days in advance of the next scheduled ship date.

Is there a Minimum purchase amount?

Nikken Autoship orders can be any dollar amount you would like.

Are all products 10-25% off when ordered on Autoship?

Not all Nikken products on Autoship are discounted, but many are. You can order a lot of Nikken products on Autoship, and you can add products to your order that aren’t discounted.

To see a full list of what’s available at a 10-25% discount, please see below (for most updated list, simply login to your customer account and click on the “autoship” link).

Need a Customer account? Create a new Customer Account (free)

Can I change my Autoship Order to try new products?

Yes! The Nikken Autoship program is the best way to have Nikken’s amazing products at a reduced price. Change your Autoship, every month, if you want! Just be sure to make changes at least 3 days in advance of your Autoship order’s next ship date.

How to Get the Nikken Autoship Deal?

The best way to get the Autoship deal is to register as my customer, first (free), then login with your new Customer ID and place your order online or by phoning Nikken (1-800-669-8859 and give them your Customer ID).

*The 10-25% off Autoship ordering option is only available once you are first registered as my customer. Autoship isn’t available on the main Nikken website if you haven’t registered as a customer.

Autoship Products

Which Nikken products are available on Autoship?

You can see the most updated list of products on Nikken Autoship when you login to your customer account and go to the “Autoship” link.

Some of the products currently on Nikken Autoship include the following list. *Please note that I update this list as often as I can, but some changes may happen more quickly than I can update.

Nikken Supplements- 25% off

Nikken’s Kenzen supplements are beyond comparison and 25% off on Autoship!

Nikken supplements in alphabetical order:

  • Bergisterol (bergamot juice)– heart health
  • Bone Health (Osteodenx, Caldenx, Lactoferrin 2.0)
  • CalDenx
  • Ciaga V- 2 pack
  • Clarity
  • Digestion Complex
  • Immunity Mushroom Complex (14 Mushroom Complex in Canada)
  • Jade GreenZymes- Nikken barley grass
  • Joint (CM Formula in Canada)
  • Lactoferrin 2.0 (NEW formula with MORE lactoferrin!)
  • Liver Support (US only)
  • Mega Daily 4- Men
  • Mega Daily 4- Women
  • Omega Green + DHA
  • OsteoDenx
  • Paleo Bars- Tropical Delight
  • Paleo Bars- Chocolate Nut
  • Kenzen Pet Joint Plus
  • Ten4 Organic- best natural energy drink mix
  • Vital Balance Meal Replacement Mix- Vanilla
  • Vital Balance Meal Replacement Mix- Chocolate

Nikken Organic Skin Care- 25% off

Nikken’s True Elements line is backed by guarantees and is certified organic by Ecocert. You will be very pleased with this natural and effective skin wellness solution:

  • True Elements  Velvet Cleansing Milk
  • True Elements  Refreshing Tonic Lotion
  • True Elements  Youth Activ Serum (my personal favorite)
  • True Elements  Nourishing Face Cream
  • True Elements  Stimulating Shower Gel
  • True Elements  Youth Activ Eye Serum
  • True Elements  Nutritional Mask

Nikken Hair Care- 25% off

  • True Elements TriPhase Shampoo
  • True Elements TriPhase Conditioner

CM Complex Cream- 10% off

DUK Tape & PowerMini Magnets- 25% off

Nikken Air & Water Filters- 10% off

  • PiMag Optimizer II Replacement Ring
  • PiMag Aqua Pour Replacement Filter Cartridge
  • PiMag Aqua Pour Replacement Micro Sponge
  • PiMag Aqua Pou Replacement Ceramic Pre-Filter
  • PiMag Aqua Pour Mineral Stones Replacements
  • PiMag Deluxe Replacement Filter
  • AquaPour Express Replacement Filter Cartridge
  • PiMag Ultra Shower Replacement Filter or
  • PiMag MicroJet Wall Mount Shower Filter
  • PiMag MicroJet Hand Held – Cartridge Filter
  • PiMag Waterfall Replacement Filter
  • PiMag Waterfall Replacement Filter (3-pack)
  • PiMag Waterfall Replacement Mineral Stones
  • Air Wellness Power5 Replacement Filter Pack
  • Air Wellness Traveler Replacement Filter
  • Air Wellnes Power5 Pro Replacement Filters
  • KenkoAir Purifier Filter Replacement Pack

As always, please feel welcome to email me your questions and I will always do my best to respond as quickly as possible.


Nikken Consultant