Natural Weight Loss Tips for Success

There are a lot of fad diets on the market, but natural weight loss is healthier, safer, and more effective. So many of the diets we read about online and in commercials offer “quick-fix” solutions that don’t last. Keep reading for natural weight loss tips that can help you succeed.

natural weight loss
Natural weight loss is about long-term lifestyle habits, not quick-fix fad diets.

What the Body Needs for Natural Weight Loss

The body needs calories, of course. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have enough energy to get through our days.

But what the body doesn’t need is extra calories, added fillers, and unnatural stuff that doesn’t feed our bodies in a healthful way (unfortunately, the stuff that’s contained in most weight loss programs).

High Quality Calories

High quality calories are calories that feed the cells, rather than just fill the body up with stuff to keep you feeling full.

High quality calories are nutrient-dense so that your cells and organs are being replenished with all the good stuff, from natural food.

I highly recommend the new Organic weight management program. You will notice improvements when you change what you eat.

Purified Mineral Water

One of the big reasons I began using the Nikken products was because my husband was dealing with health challenges. His naturopath told him that he needed to drink only purified mineral water.

The cost of him only drinking bottled mineral water would have been extraordinary.

That’s when I remembered my friend was a Nikken Consultant and was selling the PiMag Waterfall, which is the best Nikken water system available.


Whether a person moves a little or a lot is a matter of where a person is in their physical ability to move. Most people can move more than they do.

I remember when I was sitting at a desk all day– I wouldn’t move nearly as much as I should have been– and my weight was a reflection of my lack of movement.

Make an effort to move more (just get up and walk around more than you currently do, and you will notice improvement).

Good Sleep

So many people struggle with sleep. Sleep is very important and can aid in weight management. Even something as simple as a magnetic sleep mask can help you sleep better.

I know that sleep mask helps myself and my husband sleep better. Even our son has started wearing one!

You’re Not Alone

Making new lifestyle choices is something we all need to continue to focus on day after day. It’s not always easy, but as Nikken Consultants, we’re here to encourage you on your journey. Contact me today, or start the Organic weight management program and begin changing how you eat, drink, move, and sleep. Make natural weight loss a way of life!

Yours truly,

Nikken Consultant, since 2012

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