Nadine Staaf Saturday AM Radio Live with Vance Rogers

This morning I had the pleasure of being interviewed by my fellow Nikken Consultant, Vance Rogers, who I met on the Nikken Team Kaizen trip to Mexico, last week.

While we were in Mexico, Vance had so many inspiring stories to share, so I was really excited to be asked to be on his radio station. Here is the recorded interview, for your listening pleasure: Saturday AM Radio Live

As I was being interviewed about my achievement in Nikken— becoming a member of Team Kaizen, I came to realize that my journey up until that point, and all of what’s to come, are really the points that make the Team Kaizen achievement worth celebrating.

And it’s the people I met along the way that have allowed this journey to be so memorable and fulfilling.

Key Success Points

There are just a couple things I’d like to highlight so that I don’t ramble on about all of of my triumphs and challenges. Those two things are:

  1. Decision
  2. Action

When I was in Mayakoba, Mexico, last week with Nikken Team Kaizen, I had an insightful conversation with Jeff Isom, Nikken’s Vice President of Sales & Training. Jeff has seen thousands of Consultants in Nikken be successful, and has helped countless along on their journey.

Jeff Isom made it clear to me what makes the difference between a person who finds success in Nikken and a person who doesn’t find that same level of success.

A successful person does these two things:

  1. A successful person makes the firm decision to achieve the success they’re looking to achieve.
  2. A successful person then takes action on their decision. The person actually does what they need to do to be successful.

Now, it all sounds so simple. Why? Because it is simple. It’s amazing how we can tend to make things way more difficult than they need to be. The reality is that we don’t need to overthink everything. We just need to decide and then do.

Helpful Hints

Now, along with making the decision to be successful and then taking action on that decision, there are other things that will help you on your way:


If you’re able to maintain a positive perspective, you will share that with other people. People enjoy being around positive people, and that energy will spread.

Furthermore, if you’re able to remain positive, challenges won’t tend to seem so daunting to you. You will be able to see the bright side.


You can make a decision and take action all you want, but if you give up on your goal before you reach it, then you won’t reach your goal! Simple, right?

When you hit a wall (which I have done many times in my Nikken business and in life), you need to recognize the wall and say “heck, I’m going to keep going anyway”.

Making Mistakes

Part of the fantastic thing about network marketing is that you can make mistakes and grow along the way. When we make a mistake, and if we can learn from it, then we can start all over the next day and be better.

Try to remember that making mistakes is okay– that everyone does it, and that nobody is perfect. Don’t let the fear of making mistakes hold you back from achieving all your hopes and dreams. I have certainly made mistakes.

Well, friends, I will keep it at that for now. I know you can do this!


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