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Hello friends! Today, I had an inquiry from someone who was wondering about menopause and Nikken products– whether the Nikken products could help her with her challenges, as well as for her knee and back discomfort. 

Overheating, sore back, knee discomfort– best nikken products to help you deal with challenges and find wellness. Nikken has something for everyone.

First, I greeted her, of course, but I will keep names out of this article so that she can remain anonymous, and I’ve broken it all down, based on her questions.

Because I know what the products do, and because I’ve seen many people benefit from using the Nikken products, I thought my response to her email might also benefit you. Here was my response to her inquiry about nikken products, as well as for the knee, and her back:

Is Nikken still open for pickup in California?

Nikken still operates out of their Nikken World Headquarters in Irvine, California, although they moved buildings and no longer have a store-front. For ease of operations, everything is shipped from the California warehouse to the customer’s home/office address.

*When you place an order on my Nikken Consultant website, everything is shipped to you directly from Nikken’s warehouse.

Nikken Sleep System for Health? It seems expensive…

Based on the experiences I hear from people, the Nikken sleep system is the best health comforter. If you feel the cost is too much for you, then even just choosing the Kenko Dream Light Comforter would be worthwhile. Both the mattress pad and the comforter would be best since they work together.

The wellness features in the Nikken Comforter, help to regulate the body’s temperature and the magnets also help to bring the body into a balanced state– homeostasis.

The magnets in the Nikken comforter provide a feel-good feeling. We’ve had ours for over 4 years and it’s still like new. Very high quality and I always feel better when I’m beneath it.

I would recommend the “Nikken Kenko Dream LIGHT Comforter” version, especially if you’re always hot.

Benefit of Nikken PiMag Water

Another product that would really help is the PiMag water. We have the PiMag Waterfall in our home and the way that it hydrates the body is simply better than any other. Good hydration would definitely help your body to better regulate its temperature and functioning.

You just pour tap water in the top and the system gravity-filters out all the crap in tap water. Then, it remineralizes the water and makes it the perfect PH for the body. The water then passes through a magnetic piece that re-structures the water so that it’s more easily absorbed by the body. Seriously– I love my Waterfall. Again- there’s a more affordable option, which is the PiMag Sport Bottle. I have one of them, also, which I bring with me when I travel.

Here’s some detailed information on the Nikken Waterfall: Nikken PiMag Water

Which Nikken Products are Best for the Knee?

Nikken has specific products that are designed for the knees and the back. What I’ve seen be most effective for the Knees are the PowerMini magnets (you stick them on and around your knee– best to stick them on your knee with the Nikken DUK Tape).

The KenkoTherm Knee Wrap is also highly effective, especially when you use it with the magnets. The wraps innovative materials give a gentle warming effect with temperature regulation, putting the body in the precise environment for the body to do it’s best work.

I personally rub the CM Complex Cream onto anything that ever feels tense or uncomfortable. It’s awesome for reducing inflammation, for joints, and for muscles.

Best Nikken Products for the Back?

If you have metal in your back, then it’s best not to use the magnetic products, but you can still benefit from the KenkoTherm Back Belt, which doesn’t have any magnets in it, and the CM Complex Cream and KenkoTherm DUK Tape.

The Nikken Kenko MagFlex is one of Nikken’s best-selling products. You can do the following things with it, to assist your back in its comfort:

  1. Tuck the MagFlex back magnet into the back of your waistband (in your lower back area). You can leave it there as long as you wish, but make sure to remove it, before you sit on the toilet– sounds funny, but there have been many MagFlex magnets, which have fallen into the toilet!
  2. Tuck the MagFlex magnet into the pocket of the KenkoTherm Back Belt, if you’re someone who is comfortable wearing a back belt. I personally prefer to wear the magnet by itself.
  3. Use the PowerMini magnets, instead of the MagFlex, by sticking them all over your back, in the areas where you need the support.

The Value of Water in Discomfort

Hydration tends to play a big role in a person’s level of comfort. This is probably because the body is made of water and needs pure water to function. Many people don’t drink water and then they wonder why they’re not well.

Drink Nikken water, every day, consistently, for a whole month, and you’ll likely notice positive changes in your body. I like to think that it’s magic, but really– Nikken has figured something out with their products– how to keep us well. Thank you, Nikken.

How to Order Nikken (and how Not to)

I have recently heard several stories about people thinking they were buying Nikken products online through eBay or other online retailers, but then receiving products that only *resembled* Nikken products. When you buy with me as your Consultant (from my official Nikken website), everything ships to you directly from Nikken: Use this Nikken website to order official Nikken products.

As always, I welcome your email, if you have any questions at all: Email

Wishing you a beautiful day!

Nikken Consultant, Since 2012

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