Magnetic Sleep Mask by Nikken

The Nikken magnetic sleep mask has transformed my sleep. Before a few years ago, I never wore a sleep mask.

I started wearing the magnetic sleep mask because a friend explained the health benefits of improved sleep and the potential for fresher-looking eyes and fewer wrinkles. I was on-board at wrinkles lol.

magnetic sleep mask nikken kenko powersleep
Magnetic sleep mask, the Nikken Power Sleep Mask is a beautiful thing.

Magnetic Sleep Mask Features

Nikken has been in the business of creating and improving magnetic technology since 1975. Nikken is the leader in the industry. We can certainly trust that the Nikken magnets for wellness are of the highest quality.

  • Patented magnetic technology
  • Temperature regulating features
  • Creates a dark sleeping environment
  • Comfortable & soft, yet sturdy materials
  • Hand-washable
  • Perfect to wear anywhere

Sleep Mask for Traveling

I wear this magnetic sleep mask every night, but I also bring it with me while traveling. I find that it works really well for cutting out light distraction in the airplane.

When I was on my way home from the Nikken Team Kaizen Trip to Mexico, I needed to try to catch some sleep while in the airport. I sat in a chair (uncomfortable), put the sleep mask on (comfortable), and it let me get some sleep.

Comforting Feeling

I find that with the Nikken magnetic sleep mask, I put it on and I feel comforted. I also find that if I have an achy and tired head, I can drink some PiMag water and put the sleep mask on. Within not very long, I begin to feel good again.

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Learn more about the Nikken magnetic sleep mask: Nikken PowerSleep Mask

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