Magnetic Mattress Pad for Better Sleep

My Magnetic Mattress Pad Experience

The first time I laid down on the Nikken magnetic mattress pad, I was borrowing it from a friend. She knew that I was having headaches, so she lent me her Nikken water system and her magnetic mattress pad.

I drank some water, laid on my back on the magnetic mattress pad and within minutes, my head was feeling better. I knew something was happening and I couldn’t explain it.

Since then, I have been a self-experimenter with the Nikken products and have found many ways to help myself feel better. Sometimes, all we need is a little bit of balance in our lives. Nikken technologies help us to find balance.

magnetic mattress pad nikken topper
Magnetic mattress pad, Nikken Naturest Mattress Topper offers a natural sleeping environment– energy with a purpose.

Is there a shipping discount?

For the past couple years, Nikken has done a “free shipping” deal for mattress toppers. This seems to only happen about once or twice per year and we don’t know about it until a few days before it happens. If you’d like to register as my customer (free) so that you get my monthly e-newsletter, please join as a Customer here: Nikken Customer Signup

Is there a warranty?

The Nikken magnetic mattress pad has a 2-year Nikken standard warranty. If you have concern within that period of time, simply call Nikken at 800-669-8859 for customer service.

Ordering in Canada/USA

Nikken doesn’t have store-front locations. Whether you live in the USA or Canada, your Nikken mattress pad will ship to you from Nikken’s warehouse in California. For Canadians, orders leave the warehouse every Friday.

Order Online

  1. To order online, first register as my customer (free)
  2. Then, login and place your order

Order by Telephone

  • To order by phone, first register as my customer (free)
  • Then, call Nikken with your Customer ID number to¬†order:
    • 1-800-669-8859 (USA)
    • 1-800-669-8890 (Canada)

Learn About the Nikken Mattress Topper

Here is all the mattress topper information, for your reference and learning pleasure: Nikken mattress topper


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