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Best Magnetic Insoles for Shoes

Magnetic insoles for shoes were Nikken’s first wellness product, in 1975, an invention by Mr. Isamu Masuda of Japan.

Over 40 years later, millions of people are wearing Nikken insoles and finding the healths benefit of the insoles.

People often come to finding the insoles because they are looking to help themselves with common issues of fatigue, soreness, and ailments that can extend throughout the whole body.

A little bit about Nikken’s history, beginning with the magnetic insoles for shoes: Nikken Company Story

Styles of Magnetic Insoles for Shoes

I have gone ahead and explained the current Nikken magnetic insoles are explained below.

mStrides Magnetic Insoles for Shoes

The ‘mStrides” are the insoles that I always have in my shoes. The Nikken mStrides are my favorite of the current magnetic insole options because they’re nice and smooth and have the best of Nikken’s wellness energies.

I can comfortably wear these magnetic insoles for shoes all day without ending up with sore feet. If I’m going for a long walk, I will usually put these Nikken Insoles under the foam running shoe liner, just out of preference, but normally I wear the insoles directly against my socked foot.

magnetic insoles for shoes
Nikken mStrides are the best magnetic insoles for shoes, in my opinion.

Magsteps Magnetic Insoles for Shoes

Nikken Magsteps insoles are the closest to Nikken’s original magnetic insoles for shoes. They’re a wonderful insole, which has improved countless people’s lives, but they don’t have the most advanced technology.

mSteps Magnetic Insoles for Shoes

Nikken mSteps are the newest of the three magnetic insoles for shoes. They have a bumpy surface, similar to the Magsteps.

msteps magnetic insoles for shoes
mSteps magnetic insoles for shoes will provide a gentle massage while you walk.

*For people with highly sensitive feet, there’s a preference for the Nikken mStrides, rather than the mSteps or Magsteps because the mSteps and Magsteps are both bumpy, which can bother sensitive feet. If you have sensitive feet, the best choice is usually the mStrides.

Nikken Warranty

When you buy magnetic insoles for shoes through the “Shop Now” section of my official Nikken Consultant website, all your products carry official Nikken warranties, and products ship to you directly from Nikken’s warehouse.

Please note: if you buy your Nikken Insoles on a different website (such as eBay or Amazon), then your insoles won’t be covered under Nikken’s warranty.

Thank you in advance for purchasing through my official Nikken website. I wish you much wellness. You’re always welcome to email me, if you have any questions.