High Vibration Affirmations

From time to time, we can get into a funk because well– we’re humans. I find it really helpful to focus on the positive to help bring myself back up. Here are some high vibration affirmations to help you get back into a groove that works for you. I’ve laid them out following the 5 Pillars of Health philosophy because I love it so much: Body, Mind, Family, Finances, Society.

As Abraham-Hicks suggests, I’ll go from General to more Specific. By moving from General to Specific, we can naturally move out of the lower vibration thoughts into the higher vibration thoughts. Here we go!

High Vibration Affirmations: Body

  • My body isn’t perfect, but it’s not all that bad either
  • There are actually things I like about my body
  • My body knows what to do and when to do it
  • I am beginning to feel at ease in my body
  • I am working with my body to feel better
  • Feeling amazing in my body is a process
  • I am beginning to choose healthier foods
  • I am beginning to make choices that positively affect my body
  • My body’s systems are working for me
  • I am quite happy with my body’s appearance
  • I am capable of maintaining a nutritious diet
  • I choose foods that are nutrient-dense
  • I am in control of my food choices
  • I move around a lot and feel good about getting up and moving
  • I am seeing lots of benefits to living in a healthy body!

High Vibration Affirmations: Mind

  • My mind hasn’t always been clear in the past because I am human
  • My mind is becoming more clear as I focus on its clarity
  • I am beginning to feel more alert
  • I am aware of my thoughts and which ones are truth
  • I am enjoying the thoughtful processes of life
  • When I choose to have clarity of mind, its there for me
  • I am quick to think on my feet
  • I am a solution-finder
  • My thoughts are more and more positive as time goes on
  • I am perfecting my thoughts to benefit my life
  • I am the chooser of my thoughts!

High Vibration Affirmations: Family

  • My family isn’t perfect because we’re humans
  • My family life is generally quite peaceful
  • My family is different, but that’s not bad
  • My family’s unique qualities are actually a good thing
  • I am happy that I have a family to care for
  • I feel more and more supported in my family
  • My family cares for me also
  • My family and I work as a team
  • My family has been through hard times, but we are beginning to experience more and more positive times than ever before
  • My family unit is strong and capable
  • I feel connected with my family and I make efforts to bring us closer together
  • There is room for improvement and we choose to improve
  • I love my family and my family loves me!

High Vibration Affirmations: Finances

  • My finances haven’t always been great
  • But I notice that when I improve my thoughts, my finances improve
  • I am a capable person
  • I have always made it through before
  • I have the ability to have good finances
  • I can do this
  • I am okay with reaching out for advice
  • I enjoy money, both giving and receiving it
  • My life is improving in all areas
  • I have a clear picture of what I want my finances to look like
  • I enjoy improving my finances
  • My finances actually begin improving quickly
  • I am lighthearted about money
  • I am even quite excited about my financial future!

High Vibration Affirmations: Society

  • The world isn’t perfect
  • The world’s imperfection is actually part of its beauty
  • If everything was perfect, there wouldn’t be much to work at
  • In general, I quite like the people of the world
  • People are interesting and I enjoy getting to know people
  • I find my way in society
  • I actually forge a path that I really enjoy
  • I love my life and I love living in our society
  • People are good and deserve time and attention
  • The way the world works is beneficial to me and my family
  • I am beginning to see that I have value in society
  • I can contribute to society in meaningful ways
  • I give and receive equally in society
  • The world loves me and I love the world!

I hope that these high vibration thoughts have helped you, today. Please share them with others and continue to see the bright side of life. There’s lots we can improve in the world, but also lots that’s really great today, if we choose to see it!

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