Organic Firming Serum by Nikken

Certified Organic Firming Serum

Focused on protecting the skin’s natural PH balance, Nikken really has wowed us with this beautiful certified organic firming serum. The Nikken True Elements® Youth Activ Serum is a gentle formulation of organic ingredients which naturally nourishes and tones.

Features of True Elements® Youth Activ Serum

Ulva Algae and hyaluronic acid stimulate cellular metabolism and collagen synthesis to improve the skin’s firmness and smoothness.

This certified organic firming serum is a key component of Nikken’s premium line, “True Elements”. This product is my personal favorite of the whole skincare line. Time to fall in love <3

  • Ulva algae stimulates cellular metabolism and elastin fiber synthesis
  • Hyaluronic acid plumps skin and stimulates collagen synthesis
  • Skin’s appearance is firmer and smoother
  • Certified Organic by Ecocert
organic firming serum nikken
Organic firming serum by Nikken, a trusted company worldwide, since 1975: True Elements Youth Activ Serum

True Elements Line- Organic Firming Serum

True Elements skin and hair care products are designed to work with the body’s pH balance, promoting a youthful glow, supple appearance and naturally enhancing the skin’s tone and beauty.

Sensitive Skincare Products

True Elements organic skin care products are gently crafted and abundant in natural minerals, which when absorbed by the skin can provide incredible benefits and improvements to the skin’s overall health and vibrancy.

Ingredients are Non-Synthetic

This organic skincare line is natural, certified organic, paraben-free, without GMOs, mineral oils, phthalates, PEG, EDTA, phenoxyethanol, synthetic color and synthetic fragrances.

Nikken’s certified organic firming serum doesn’t contain synthetic fragrances or pure essential oils that can be the cause of skin irritation and sensitivity reactions.

On the contrary, the True Elements products are prepared with mild essential oil extracts and natural fragrances such as linalool, limonene and citral, for a gentle, mild, and pleasant scent. Naturally enhancing oils, such as Shea Butter are added for the greatest level of nourishment to the skin.

Sustainable Harvesting

Seaweed in True Elements certified organic skin care products are harvested in France, off the Brittany coast. The harvesting methods ensure the seaweed is sustainable for many generations.

For Men, Women, Youth & Elderly

For men and women of all ages, the certified organic serum and premium True Elements skincare line is designed to cleanse, tone and moisturize — to enhance, protect and provide care for all skin types, all ages.

Ingredients List & Information

Ingredients list and more information on the Nikken True Elements Youth Activ Serum: Youth Activ Serum Information Sheet

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