Best Nikken Products for Natural Health and Energy

Since 2012, I’ve been a Nikken Consultant, and during that time, I have served over a thousand wonderful customers with the best Nikken products. Many people have emailed me to share their experiences. I have listened to other Consultants share their experiences, also, and I have had my own positive product experiences. 

All of this has brought me to realize that yes- there are some “best Nikken products” for our total well-being.

Depending on your personal health circumstance, you may require some of the products more than others (for example, you may need the Nikken Bone Health supplements to build back your bone density.

This fact remains– the essential ways our bodies function, as a human species, is very similar, across the board (for example, the way our cells absorb water), regardless of additional personal requirements.

best nikken products
Today is a new day and we have the choice to live our best life. I choose Nikken.

What All Humans Need

So, even though you may have a different health circumstance than your neighbor, your body is still a human body. This is what human bodies need to truly thrive:

  • Pure, living water
  • Pure, vital air
  • Clean nutrition
  • Real daylight
  • Regular, high quality sleep
  • A comfortable, energetically balanced body

Sure, you can still exist without drinking good water, without proper nutrition, without good air or daylight, and without good sleep, for a certain period of time…

But, have you experienced life with the highest quality of these vital elements? It’s a whole different feeling and vibration to be vitally healthy.

best nikken products consultant
Best Nikken products replicate vital elements found in nature to offset the unnatural ways we have come to live. This photo is my backyard. We choose to live as close to nature as possible because we recognize the difference in our well-being when we’re in nature.

The following list of best Nikken products is based on my personal experience, hundreds of personal customers, information/feedback from customers, consultants, and Nikken.

Best Nikken Products: Water

Since 2012, I have owned the Nikken PiMag Waterfall and sold many of them. The Waterfall is, by far, the best of the Nikken water treatment systems to date. It purifies to a very high degree, it alkalizes, adds minerals, and passes the water through a magnetic field.

The best Nikken water system creates drinking water that replicates the most pristine mountain rivers– it transforms ordinary tap water into the best purified water you can drink.

$ Water from the Waterfall is actually cheaper than buying bottled water, when you do the calculations (plus: it’s way healthier than bottled water and not stored in plastic).

Alternative to the Waterfall: If it’s simply beyond your budget to have the Waterfall, then you can still drink PiMag water with the Nikken PiMag Sport Bottle. The Sport Bottle is an awesome solution to stop buying single-serve water bottles. With either of the Nikken systems, you just fill them with tap water and you get alkaline, mineral, purified, living water.

Best Nikken Products: Nutrition

Nikken has incredible certified organic nutritional supplements. Whether you are trying to maintain your wellness or lose weight, I highly recommend getting on Nikken’s organic weight management program and experiencing the health benefits today.

Best Nikken Products: Sleep

The Nikken sleep system products provide a cocoon of feel-good energy, which is perfect for high quality sleep. I realize it probably sounds funny, but I feel more loved and cared for when I sleep under the Nikken Comforter and on top of the Nikken mattress pad. High quality sleep should be everyone’s top priority.

Nikken has been researching and developing wellness energies, since 1975. With over 40 years of experience and multiple billions of dollars in sales, you can trust that you will be improving your nightly comfort level when you use their sleep products. My personal favorite sleep products include the following:

  • Kenko Dream Comforter & Naturest Mattress Topper
  • Kenko PowerSleep Mask
  • Naturest Pillow and Pillow Case

The Light version of the comforter is awesome, too, but I find the regular version to be cozier, over all. More about the comforter: Nikken Comforter

Nikken Insoles for Sleep?

Yes, believe it or not– the Nikken magnetic insoles are designed to be worn throughout the day, but they can actually have a wonderfully positive effect on your quality of sleep (you don’t need to wear them to bed to have the improved sleep). More energetic throughout the day and a more restful night– makes sense, right?

best nikken products nikken insoles
One of the best Nikken products are the magnetic insoles. They’re in my slippers now, and I’ll put them in my shoes when I head out later!

Best Nikken Products: Energy

Once you’re drinking the Nikken water and getting a high quality sleep in the Nikken sleep system, you’ll likely begin to feel more energetic throughout the day.  Good sleep = better day. Nikken is all about balance.

If you’re like me, you’re always wanting to improve your results– you don’t settle for great; you go for the best.

If I want to have a high vibration, then I reach for the clean organic meal replacement shake or a stick of the best natural energy drink mixed into the Nikken water.

Having a high vibration changes everything. Choosing Nikken is choosing the best vibration for yourself and to share with the people around you.

Email Your Questions

As always, friends, I welcome you to email me with any of your questions. I hope you have a beautiful day!

Nadine Staaf
Nikken Consultant

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