Best Natural Energy Drink Mix Nikken Ten4

As a mother and business owner, I am always busy doing something. When I began drinking Nikken’s Ten4, I wasn’t searching for the best natural energy drink mix.

I just didn’t realize how tired I actually was until I started drinking it regularly and noticing the benefits of clean energy and mental alertness.

To Get through the Work Day

At the beginning of the year, I accepted a full-time work contract with the Canadian public service. I hadn’t worked full-time in several years because I had been working from home. I would have been a wreck without this drink– seriously.

I was working evenings and would mix the Nikken Ten4 into some water, drink it, and then WHAM– I would have steady alert energy all night (I worked until after midnight).

Since then, I’ve finished the contract, but I still it because it’s literally become the best natural energy drink mix. Ten4 gives me good energy, unlike the jittery blah kind of energy that coffee gives. Jittery blah energy.

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Natural Coffee Replacement

I still enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning because I love the taste of coffee. Although, Nikken Ten4 has become a natural coffee replacement often for my afternoon energy. When you begin drinking it, you’ll notice how much better it makes you feel compared to a second cup of coffee.

best natural energy drink mix nikken ten 4
Best natural energy drink mix, by far! Try it and you’ll love it <3

I’m Certainly a better person now 😉

Not joking. My mood definitely improves when I have had my Ten4. I am also more patient with my family– probably because my head is clearer. I get more work done when I’ve had my Ten4, which means I’m able to do more and be more… Can you see why I believe this is the best natural energy drink mix?

What Does “Ten 4” Mean?

“Ten4” represents a couple of things:

  • 10am and 4pm are often the times of the day when people hit their low-energy points, so it’s the best time(s) of day to reach for a healthy coffee alternative– the best option being Ten4.
  • The amount of time between 10am and 4pm is exactly 6 hours. Up to 6 hours is the amount of energy you can expect to have from one stick of Nikken Ten4 natural energy drink mix.

How much caffeine is in Nikken Ten4 best natural energy drink mix?

One stick of Nikken Ten4 contains 80 mg of natural smooth caffeine. It’s a nice energy that’s both energizing as well as calming, which is unlike the scary energy drinks that you can buy in the store and are basically made from cigarettes and gasoline.

Seriously though– don’t drink the stuff you can buy at the gas station. Your body’s health is worth more than that.

What are the Health Benefits of Nikken Ten4

There are numerous health benefits to drinking Nikken Ten4. I’ll list them by the main super ingredients:

Digestive & Immune System Health

Kiwi is a superfruit that contains important vitamins, minerals, amino acids and is nutritionally dense with active enzymes for digestive and immune system health– a lot of nutrition packed into very few calories. 

Physical Fatigue Prevention

best natural energy drink nikken ten4
Best Natural Energy Drink for Sustained Energy– Nikken Ten4 Matcha Green Tea Powder!
The chlorophyll in Nikken Ten4 is a detoxifying agent that helps the body eliminate contaminants.
Balanced Energy
Matcha green tea, stevia extract, and kiwi powder and organic brown rice solids work together to create a balanced profile that is simply unbeatable in terms of good energy.

Part of the Organic Weight Management Program

Our energy levels play an important role in weight management. Nikken offers an exclusive weight management program that features clean-eating and organic products. Learn about how to improve your weight balance: Organic Weight Management Program

More Natural Energy Choices

I notice that the healthier my choices are, the more natural energy I have. For example, if I decide to go for a walk instead of sitting all day, then I have more energy for the whole day.

Or, if I make healthy food choices, rather than eating food that’s not really food, then I have a lot more sustainable energy.

Drinking Water and Having Energy

Drinking energetic water makes a huge difference in how much natural energy we have. You want your water to be the best that it can be, so don’t bother drinking bottled water. Bottled water is cleaner than tap water but is energetically dead. The water our family has been drinking since 2012: Best Nikken water system

What’s in Nikken Ten4?

Nikken Ten4 Ingredients are organic, natural, and you can feel good about putting them in your body. The ingredients include the following:

  • organic matcha green tea powder (leaf)
  • kiwi powder (fruit)
  • organic brown rice solids
  • organic stevia extract (leaf)
  • more information about Nikken Ten4, which is clearly the best natural energy drink mix around.

Questions about Nikken Ten4?

I always accept emails, and do my best to respond quickly. Please feel welcome to email me, if you have questions 🙂 Happy energetic day to you!

Nikken Consultant, Since 2012

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