About Nadine

Hello Friends!

My name is Nadine and I am creating this website for you. You will see links for Nikken as I’ve been an Independent Consultant with Nikken since 2012 and I am joyful to share the revolutionary Nikken products with you.

In My Spare Time

In addition to sharing Nikken and being a mother and wife, I am an artist and have published a number of books. My dream-come-true is to be a children’s book author/illustrator 🙂

Be sure to invest a few moments in the video below the books to learn more about Nikken and living a life in balance:

Nikken Opportunity

If you’re interested in sharing these products with your clients or friends, please feel welcome to be in touch and I can connect you with a team of great people who can help get you started. Learn more about this lifechanging opportunity: Nikken Consultant Opportunity

Nikken- A Life in Balance