Nikken Waterfall Filter Change Schedule

How Often to Change the Nikken Waterfall Filter?

Please read on to get a 10% discount on your PiMag Nikken Waterfall filter replacement filters and replacement mineral stones. The filter in the Nikken Waterfall filter really should be changed every 3 months or every 900 Liters, whichever comes first*.

My husband, our son, myself and our cat drink from the Waterfall every day. We also cook with the water, and I sprout seeds with the water. We change the filter once every 3 months. We don’t bother counting how many liters we go through.

What about the indicator light?

I don’t go by the light. What if the light’s battery dies and then I wouldn’t know when to change the filter. So, when I put in a new Nikken Waterfall filter, I put a reminder in my phone’s calendar 3 months from the date when I just changed the filter. You could also write reminders on your wall calendar, or wherever you often look

Another option– choose the “quarterly” filter replacement shipping option and you’ll get a new filter in the mail every 3 months. Perfect timing (and you’ll get a 10% discount by ordering that way– see below).

10% Discount on Nikken Waterfall Filter

Set yourself up with Nikken Autoship and choose the “quarterly” option. Nikken will send you a new Waterfall replacement filter every 3 months, so you won’t need to remember when to change the filter. Plus, filters and mineral stones on Autoship are 10% off.

To order on Autoship, follow these steps:

  1. Get a Nikken Customer ID by filling out this form: Nikken Customer (free to be a Customer)
  2. Use your Customer ID and password to login: Nikken Customer
  3. Once logged-in, choose the “Autoship” link
  4. Create a New Autoship Order (can be cancelled anytime in the future)
  5. Choose the Waterfall replacement filter & add it to your cart
  6. Go to the Checkout and fill in the details
  7. When you see the option to choose how frequently you want to receive your filters, choose “quarterly” to get a new filter every 3 months*
    *When you want a new set of replacement mineral stones, simply login to your account, in the future (at least a few business days before your next shipment is due to be sent from Nikken), and change your autoship order to include a set of Mineral Stones.
  8. Want to know more about autoship? Nikken Autoship Information

How Often to Change the Mineral Stones?

Nikken PiMag Waterfall Mineral Stones only need to be changed once every 12 months.


If you would like to be my Nikken customer, then I am happy to be your Nikken Consultant. I’ve been with Nikken since 2012 and will continue to be a Nikken Consultant for many years to come. Thank you very much from my family to yours for your business.

nikken waterfall filter replacement times schedule
Nikken Waterfall Filter Replacement Times Schedule

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A note from me, your Nikken Consultant

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